Pool Heater Repair San Diego, CA

Swimming Pool Heater Repair

Nothing compares to soaking in your very own pool after a long day, especially if you have a functioning pool heater that keeps the water nice and warm.

However, if your heater is broken, you may not swim that often. Let Executive Pool &Spa Service help with our swimming pool heater repair service. If you want to install a new heater for your pool, we can also help with installation. We serve San Diego, CA, so give us a call today.

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Our Pool Heater Repair & Installation

How do you know that you need a pool repair? The most obvious sign is that the water isn't getting warm enough, no matter what you do. Some other signs of a faulty pool heater include:

  • The heater won't turn on at all.
  • The heater turns on but doesn't stay turned on long enough to work.
  • The heater gives off smoke as it's running. The unit may also look burnt on the outside.
  • The heater emits strange noises that you've never heard before.

If you've noticed these issues, you need to call us immediately. Broken pool heaters area pain, and they can also be dangerous, so let us repair the unit.


Our Pool Heater Installation

If you need to replace your old heater or you want to add a brand new one to your cold pool, we can help. We offer quality parts and reliable services so that you get the pool heater that is perfect for your pool.

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Executive Pool & Spa Service has been around for over 15 years now, and we are BBB-accredited, licensed, insured, and bonded. As a fully certified pool operator, we offer cutting-edge services, and we always keep our customers in mind.

So if you need pool heater services of any kind in San Diego, CA, contact us today at 858-525-5974.

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