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A pool can be an enjoyable addition to any property, but only if you can keep it clean. If your pool filter is broken, this task can become impossible. If you’re in that boat, contact Executive Pool & Spa for pool filter repair in San Diego, CA.

Why is the Pool Filter Important?

The pool filter is a crucial component, no matter the size of your pool. Along with the pool pump, the filter continuously keeps your pool free of debris, dirt, and sand. It also ensures that your pool doesn’t collect a buildup of bacteria or grow algae. If the filter doesn’t work properly, the water in your pool can present health risks to anyone who swims in it.

To keep your pool pleasant, you should quickly call for repairs if your filter breaks or malfunctions.

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How Can You Tell if the Filter Needs Repairs?

The biggest warning sign that your filter needs to be looked at by a professional is the quality of the water. If your pool water becomes cloudy, green, slimy, or has large pieces of debris floating in it, the pool filter isn’t working properly. However, you might also need swimming pool filter repair if you notice:

  • The pool filter needs to be cleaned too often
  • Fine sand or dirt accumulates at the bottom of the pool
  • Dirt comes back into the pool
  • Leaks in the filter tank, drain assembly, or connecting pipes and valves

If you notice any of these signs, you have reason to suspect that your pool filter is struggling or has ceased to function.

Why Call Executive Pool & Spa for Repairs?

The team at Executive Pool & Spa has 15 years of experience with pools, so we can quickly diagnose any issue with your pool filter and take the appropriate action, from filter cleaning to repairs to replacing the entire system. We offer free estimates and reasonable prices for our services, and we’re licensed and insured.

Call us at 858-525-5974 or fill out our form to request service for your pool in San Diego, CA.

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